L’INTERFORM news release: new collaborations

July 13, 2020



L’INTERFORM announces collaboration with Zott, The Gourmet Dairy and country dairy Holtseer Landkäserei on Italian market

With several generations of experience and over 200 years of combined industry excellence, L’INTERFORM is pleased to announce that it has signed representation agreements with the Mertingen-based multinational Zott and the boutique Northern German dairy Holtseer Landkäserei.

Milan, Italy – Effective immediately, L’INTERFORM SRL is the representative of Zott SE, one of the world’s leading gourmet dairies, in the Italian Republic and will directly represent Zott’s line of renowned gourmet Bavarian dairy products in all retail and industrial segments in Italy. L’INTERFORM SRL is as of now also Holtseer Landkäserei’s Italian representative for its line of commodity cheeses.

L’INTERFORM has been mandated with first securing and reinforcing Zott’s existing sales channels in Italy and in parallel rationalizing its Italian distribution and logistics platforms. Building Zott’s brand awareness and demonstrating to the Italian market the excellent quality and taste of Zott’s products is the long-term goal of this new collaboration between L’INTERFORM and Zott.

L’INTERFORM will immediately begin commercializing Holtseer’s commodity cheese products in Italy with an eventual view of introducing its specialty products to the Italian market as well. Further collaborations in extra-EU geographies will be discussed at a later date.

L’INTERFORM’s Managing Director, Christian Pichler, expressed enthusiasm with the firm’s new business development in a difficult moment for both the dairy industry as well as the broader agri-foods sector:

“Building on our over 50 years of strategic excellence and deep competencies in agri-business, L’INTERFORM is thrilled to be the Italian representative of companies as prestigious as Zott and Holtseer Landkäserei. We at L’INTERFORM value Zott’s tradition of producing the highest quality dairy products and respect its commitment to bettering its local and broader community and safeguarding the environment while always delivering for its customers and stakeholders. We also admire Holtseer’s passion for the authenticity of its home region of Schleswig-Holstein. As a multigenerational family-based dairy merchant ourselves, L’INTERFORM shares these values. We appreciate the trust that these two companies have placed in our capabilities and we are up for the challenge. I believe that the signing of these agreements marks the beginning of long-term and successful partnerships.”         


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Founded in 1926, Zott is a third-generation Bavarian family company steeped in tradition. Its facilities have been producing a variety of indulgent and top-quality yoghurt, dessert and cheese specialities for over 90 years. These products are available in more than 75 countries around the world. With a net turnover of 1 billion EUR and 890 million litres of processed milk in 2019 and about 2,966 employees at present, Zott is among the leading dairies in Europe. Zott’s passion is for its brands, for milk and indulgence. Innovation, quality, partnerships with milk producers and sustainable production are its key values.



Holtseer’s home is the heart of Northern Germany, the region of Schleswig-Holstein where it has a long tradition and its cheeses are still made from original northern German recipes in the mild climate between the North and Baltic Seas. Holtseer Landkäserei purposefully relies on genuine craftsmanship from real people, even in this age of industrialised production and automation with only a few staff members. High-quality raw materials produce excellent cheese validated by the Schleswig-Holstein quality mark.



Founded in 1968 with over 50 years of experience and a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, L’INTERFORM is one of the leading independent merchants and consultancies in the dairy and broader agri-foods sectors in Italy and Europe and has direct relationships with all segments of the dairy value chain. Throughout its history, L’INTERFORM has ideated and introduced many renowned dairy brands and products to the Italian market and continues to represent exclusively selected European dairy businesses. The firm is an active and longstanding member of the Italian and German Dairy Associations, the European Association of Dairy Trade, Eucolait, as well as the only Italian arbitrator of Gemzu, the Dutch Dairy Trade Organisation. In recent years, L’INTERFORM has expanded its geographic scope and now facilitates business between our traditional European partners and new clients in North and Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. L’INTERFORM is a wholly owned subsidiary of the boutique investment fund, GERBER-RAUTH SpA, and in partnership with its holdings company, leverages its competencies to pursue strategic advisory and investment projects.


European Dairy Industry

According to the European Commission, milk is produced in every single member country and accounts for 13% of the European Union’s agricultural output, making it the largest single product sector in terms of value (with around 57 billion EUR in output value). The EU is currently the world’s second largest exporter of dairy products, most notably cheeses. Total EU27 milk production is estimated to be around 155 million tonnes per annum. Europe’s main dairy producers are Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain, which together account for around 70% of EU milk production. The European Commission further anticipates that Europe will become the world’s largest exporter of dairy products by 2030.