Official announcement: management reorganization of GERBER-RAUTH and L’INTERFORM

Dear friends, colleagues, clients and business partners,

I am very pleased to make the following announcements, which reflect the culmination of my and our team’s many years of work to professionalise and modernise our group of companies. This being said:

  • With immediate effect, Ms. Chiara Pezzali is appointed L’INTERFORM’s new Managing Director and Executive Member of its Board of Directors with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. This appointment is a natural evolution honouring Chiara’s outstanding performance over the years as L’INTERFORM’s Commercial Manager. With her experience and sharp business acumen, I am certain that Chiara will continue to provide great leadership to L’INTERFORM for many years to come. In her new role, Chiara will continue to hold the post of Commercial Manager.
  • Moreover, Dr. Sean Yam is appointed Chief Operating Officer of our investment holdings company, GERBER-RAUTH and Vice-President of the Board of Directors of L’INTERFORM. Sean will continue to provide leadership to our group of companies on questions of organisational and change management, integrating the learnings from his work with L’INTERFORM over the years across the group. Sean will remain a legal representative with power of attorney of L’INTERFORM and will serve as the main point of contact between GERBER-RAUTH and its portfolio companies.
  • I will continue to provide strategic leadership to L’INTERFORM as President of its Board of Directors but my day-to-day focus will be on serving as GERBER-RAUTH’s Chairman and Managing Director.

I am certain that these meritocratic changes in management will serve our internal team, clients and business partners well. We are also in the midst of creating new business entities to execute exciting new initiatives and I look forward to sharing these developments with you in the months and year ahead.

Best regards,

Christian Pichler


Signing ceremony. From L-R: Dr. Sean Yam, Chiara Pezzali, Christian Pichler, Richard Pichler