L’INTERFORM celebrates 50th anniversary

16th May 2018

L’INTERFORM celebrates 50th anniversary

For the occasion of Cibus, the world’s most important fine food and beverage trade fair, L’INTERFORM was very pleased to host an aperitivo reception in the historic heart of Parma, Italy to celebrate its 50th anniversary. In attendance were esteemed business partners and collaborators, past, present and future.

L’INTERFORM’s Managing Director and Chairman of the Board, Christian Pichler, said that “When I think about it, it’s really incredible what a small company like ours has been able to accomplish in its 50-year history. I’m very proud of the work that we have done for our clients and suppliers from around the world. We’ve executed projects and connected markets and products from various corners of the globe and we’ve brokered lasting and fruitful relationships between multinational corporations much larger than us. Perhaps, in this regard, our smaller size, our flexibility, and our ability to respond rapidly to a constantly changing marketplace is our greatest strength.”

Richard Pichler, Vice President of L’INTERFORM’s Board of Directors and founder and first President of L’INTERFORM’s liquids trading business (ex-DELMO) in Bolzano, Italy, added “Not only did L’INTERFORM launch and grow several agri-foods brands and products in the Italian market that are now household names, we also once held a 30% market share of all foreign liquid dairy raw materials traded in Italy. Now, we are the first physical dairy trading company in Italy to be licensed by Italian and European financial authorities to provide our clients with risk management and investment advice, and we are also active in growing markets in Asia, the Americas and Eastern Europe. I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish in the next 50 years to come!”