[EN] Solving carbon footprint challenges for cheese

30th Aprile 2021

[EN] Solving carbon footprint challenges for cheese

With Global Earth Day 2021 (22/04/2021) having just passed, we would like to draw your attention to an excellent interview in Dairy Reporter regarding new trends and themes in sustainable dairy (especially cheesemaking) practices, and their impact on reducing waste, improving sustainability and thus even profitability.

With dairy production increasing to satisfy the needs of an increasing global population,what can the dairy industry (and cheese producers in particular) do to meet new eco-friendly requirements?

Even in these uncertain times, with lockdowns and food service in “stand-by mode,” cheese is still one of the most sought-after food categories. Thanks to retail, cheese consumption has not decreased in the last two years. In order to preserve and continue our best cheesemaking traditions, embracing and unleashing sustainable practices will be critical to the longevity of our sector.

The original article by Dairy Reporter: