[EN] An update from Christian Pichler, L’INTERFORM’s managing director

1st Aprile 2020


[EN] An update from Christian Pichler, L’INTERFORM’s managing director

Dear valued business partner,

In this moment of momentous international uncertainty, I would like to start this e-mail by wishing all of you good health. As the world has grasped the gravity of the current public health emergency, and we have all begun to enact responsible social distancing and quarantine measures, the traditional Italian toast to good health – “salute” – is at the top of my mind. I realize that we have all become the daily recipients of many business continuity e-mails, so I will keep this short.

L’INTERFORM enacted its emergency contingency plans on March 8, 2020 in line with the first of the Italian Prime Ministerial Decrees. Since that time, we have remained and continue to remain 100% operational, working from our homes but fully connected to our office systems, processes and intellectual property. As a player in the international agri-foods supply chain, L’INTERFORM is completely aligned with the subsequent national and regional ordinances of March 22-23, and we have a duty to provide our value-added services to our suppliers and customers in this critical moment to ensure that our fellow citizens have access to basic fresh food.

Moreover, our dairy advisory business unit has been focusing on understanding the short, medium, and long-term effects of the ongoing pandemic on our sector, and as a gesture of solidarity, we have decided to publish our paid weekly newsletter at no cost on LinkedIn for the remainder of this crisis. Please see the following link to access the weekly newsletter on our LinkedIn page:’interform

Below you can also find a brief table outlining, by business unit, our major initiatives during the Covid-19 crisis.

Daily (if not hourly) logistical, operational, and commercial services to our existing suppliers and clients all over the worldBusiness continuity including full compliance with national and regional ordinances; infection prevention and control; ICT excellence  Researching economic impacts of Covid-19 on dairy and agri-foods sector; writing and publishing weekly newsletter on international and European dairy markets
Opening of new purchasing and sales channels (e.g. L’INTERFORM is now accredited for DAO, the online dairy trade marketplace)Internal cost containment measures and stress testing financialsIdentification of suitable dairy risk management solutions for our business partners (e.g. price discovery tools, price indexes)
Maintaining business relationships with entire supply chain and planning for the post-Covid-19 futureHR: team morale, wellness, and safety; onboarding/offboardingInternal risk management related to dairy activities

I am by nature an optimistic person, and I believe that if we continue to trust one another and our institutions, take the right precautions for the common good, and use this moment to plan for tomorrow, we will overcome this pandemic together and begin to grow anew.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

With my sincerest regards,

Christian Pichler
Managing Director