Your partner in dairy for 50 years

With over 50 years of experience and a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, L’INTERFORM is one of the leading independent brokers of dairy commodities in Europe and has direct relationships with all major sales segments such as purchasing organizations for retailers, wholesalers, food service suppliers, and industrial transformers. L’INTERFORM’s suppliers hail from several European countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Italy. Throughout its history, our firm has introduced many renowned manufacturers of Europe’s dairy industry and their brands to the Italian market and continues to represent exclusively selected European dairy businesses in Italy.

Prominent examples of business that we have developed and established in Italy include brands such as Leerdammer, Meggle, Bergader, Ehrmann and Champignon, and to this day we are the exclusive Italian representative of selected producers like Milchwerke Schwaben from Germany.

In recent years, L’INTERFORM has expanded its geographic scope and now facilitates trade between our traditional European partners and new customers in the United States, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

In 2011, L’INTERFORM was acquired by DELMO, an active player in the market for dairy products since 1975 and a trusted business partner for dairy raw materials and semi-finished products for industrial customers in Italy. In 2015, L’INTERFORM and DELMO’s dairy trade division merged into an independent entity under the L’INTERFORM brand. L’INTERFORM continues to have a productive working relationship with its former parent company and collaborates with DELMO on initiatives of joint interest.


We are a leading, independent dairy merchant focused on originating long-term and mutually beneficial opportunities for our business partners. We conduct ourselves in the most trustworthy manner while offering an intercultural and meritocratic environment focused on team work.
We create value by originating and commercialising products and commodities and we complement our commercial and logistical solutions with innovative and sophisticated services such as market intelligence, risk management and advisory.


While we are rooted in the European dairy hubs of Italy, Germany and the wider EU, we aspire to offer market access to suppliers and customers on a global scale by leveraging our professional know-how in merchandising, supply chain, finance, advisory, and principal investments.

Business principles

All our activities are guided by a clear set of values that shape the culture of our company. These values have been at the core of L'INTERFORM since the beginning and continue to ensure our commitment to create value for our clients, our business partners and our company for the future.

We are an ambitious group of people with a strong commitment for continuous learning and improvement.

We are fully aware of the importance of discretion and keep entrusted information of our clients, business partners and associates strictly confidential.

We are creative, inquisitive, open-minded people and enjoy the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurial endeavours.

As a business that partners with its associates we have full freedom to act, are able to provide unconflicted advice and assistance and are willing to take unconventional and contrarian views when reasonable and well founded.

We conduct our business and live our lives with integrity, honesty and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Long-term view
We are building our business for the next generation with a continuous focus on sustainable, long-term value creation for our clients, our business partners and our company.

We reward people based on performance and offer them the opportunity to take responsibility from an early stage of their career.

Our success is founded on our efforts, the professional quality of our work and ability to act quickly. We have a friendly service culture that puts clients and business partners at the centre of our operation.

Our most important asset is our reputation with clients, business partners and society at large. We permanently work on defending and building an impeccable reputation.

We make an unusual effort to identify, recruit and develop the very best people in terms of our clients, business partners as well as our associates. We enjoy diversity and build our business activities and company together on shared goals.


We are active and longstanding members of some of Europe’s most important dairy industry associations.